About Protostar Energy/ MnS Fuel

MnS Fuel has decided to change its name to "ProtoStar Energy".  We chose the name ProtoStar because it means "The birth of a Star", and we wanted to have "Energy" affiliated with our name, since we are selling other products such as Natural Gas, Electricity, and now our Premium Heating Oil.

By offering this Premium Product (B20 Powered by ProtStar3-LP) to our customers, we continue to rise above the competition by offering the best Heating Oil product available.  The best part is it will not cost you any more than our current low prices, and ProtoStar3-LP treats both the Heating oil as well as the Biodiesel meaning you don't have to run to the store prior to a delivery to get your additive.

Once you've used our Company as your fuel supplier, you'll be convinced that we have our customer's best interest at heart, and you'll feel confident that you're getting the highest level of service and care in our industry.

A Message from Our Owner:

"We provide our customers with the best products available on the market today to ensure their systems are running as clean, safe and efficient as possible while giving them the best prices available.  After years of delivering traditional heating oil, many consumers were converting to Natural Gas due to costs and myths about "Dirty Heating Oil".  My son and I went across Country to research BioDiesel and educate ourselves on renewable fuels.  We were both surprised and excited to learn that a blend of B11 will make your system perform "more efficient" and "clean as" Natural Gas.  Consequently, after further research we learned that B20 will burn even cleaner and entitles you to the maximum New York State tax credit of 20 cents per gallon for the next 5 years.  We went another step and had a custom additive produced for us (ProtoStar 3-LP) to ease the misconception and myths about Bioheat, while further improving the performance and benefits of our fuel.  I am both excited and anxious to educate our customers about this and feel that they will be more than pleased to continue our business relationship for many years.  And now when their friends or family say they've converted to Gas Heat and it's so much cleaner, they'll have a interesting argument as to why they just spent thousands to convert to a "Dirtier" fuel.  We are the Cleaner, Cheaper, and Safer solution to Natural Gas."

Irene Walsh

We Offer the Following Services:

  • Premium Heating Oil that burns Cleaner Than Natural Gas
  • *A 20 cent per gallon NYS rebate for every delivery
  • All of Our Heating Oil is Treated at No Additional Cost
  • Automatic "Call Alerts"
  • Automatic Deliveries
  • Low monthly payments for our Contracts
  • Commercial Heating Oil Deliveries
  • Same Day deliveries of Oil
  • 24-7 Burner Service Repairs and Contracts
  • Heating and A/C Equipment Installations
  • **On-site Diesel Fueling- Day or Night
  • Natural Gas lower than National Grid or Con-Ed
  • Electricity lower than Con-Ed

*New York State Tax Credit filed at the end of the year with your income taxes, form IT241.
Credit valid until 2017.
Example - (1000 Gallons purchased in 2012 = $200.00)

**We cover both Nassau and Suffolk County.  Please Contact Us for further information.

Prices as low as $ 2.449 / Gallon

Save 20 ¢ / Gallon when you buy from us!

Our Premium Heating Oil entitles you to a 20 ¢ per gallon NY State tax credit!

Along with our already low prices you can save a lot of money by using us for your fuel needs all year long.