What are The Benefits of B20 Powered by ProtoStar3-LP

Our Company is selling Premium Heating Oil with our own custom additive. Our additive, ProtoStar3-LP has many advantages to increase the benefits of using Bioheat. These include:




1) No modifications to your existing equipment necessary

2) Cleans the entire System

3) Removes and disperses sludge

4) Cleans the burner nozzle

5) Reduces pour point

6) Disperses water

7) Stabilizes the fuel to prevent future sludge

8) Prevents waxing and gelling

9) Protects the metals in your system from corrosion

10) Treats the Heating Oil and the Biodiesel at the same time


As of July 1st, 2012, New York State is mandating all Heating Oil to be Ultra Low Sulfur, less than 15 ppm, just like Diesel fuel.  This is a step in the right direction as far as cleaner fuel, however, Ultra Low Sulfur means less lubricity.  This results in wear and tear on certain parts of your Boiler.  Adding Biofuels to the mixture which will be mandated at 2% in October in New York City will reduce or eliminate most of these issues.

For increasingly environmentally conscious Americans, the emissions produced by their heating systems are an increasingly important consideration.  The fewer greenhouse gases and other harmful emissions produced by their burner or boiler, the better.   Adding just a bit of biodiesel to heating oil reduces its emissions significantly, putting it in close competition with natural gas in terms of environmental friendliness.  As Biodiesel Magazine explained, " When blended with more than 11 percent biodiesel, ultra low sulfur heating oil actually burns cleaner than natural gas."  In addition to lowering emissions, biodiesel blended with heating oil acts as a solvent against sludge and deposits in heating systems, improving efficiency and reducing the need for maintenance.  Add ProtoStar3-LP to this mixture and the results are even better, and with our 20% blend you'll be receiving the maximum tax benefits available.

Over the last 20 months, HeatingOil.com has published lots of news about Biofuels, specifically biodiesel. They've done this because biodiesel blended with traditional petroleum-based heating oil (known commonly by the brand name Bioheat) offers heating oil users and society at large a host of health, economic, and environmental benefits.


Overall the Premium Fuel we sell have has so many advantages you cant compare to traditional Heating Oil:

  • Cleaner Burning Than Natural Gas
  • Fewer Service Calls
  • Cleans Your System with Continued Use
  • Lasts Longer
  • Costs the Same as Traditional Heating Oil
  • Get Back 20 Cents per Gallon From The State
  • Reduces and Eliminates Sludge over Time
  • Safer than Natural Gas
  • Reduces Our Dependence On Foreign Oil
  • Creates American Jobs

We happily accept Visa / Mastercard / Discover and American Express card payments.

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New York City is Mandating the use of a minimum 2% blend (B2) be sold by October 2012. However, it could be up to a 5% blend (B5) depending on your dealer.

Our Company is taking the extra step by Treating your Fuel and giving you the best product for your money with B20, which offers the maximum rebate of 20 cents per gallon.

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