MNS Fuel Diesel Service

We can work with you to save you money with on-site fueling.  We'll come directly to you!  As business expenses rise, on-site fueling becomes very cost-effective:

  • Maximize driver's productivity by eliminating driving to and from fueling locations.
  • Our professional drivers provide you with around-the-clock metered deliveries.
  • Vehicles are fueled while they're parked and scheduled as out-of-service.
  • Eliminate your storage and fueling equipment while freeing your fueling staff for other assignments.
  • Keep better track of fueling expenses, one price for all your trucks.
  • Eliminate fears of drivers adding hidden expenses to their fuel bills.

Contact us about getting started with Diesel deliveries.  You have the option of spot buying, or we can sit with you and work out a contract agreement for a fixed amount over wholesale.  Either way you'll be saving money!


Any size fleet can be handled by our company.  None are too small or large.

MNS Fuel Diesel Service MNS Fuel Diesel Service

Marinas and Boats...

We'll soon accommodate Single Boat Owners or Large Marinas.

MNS Fuel Diesel Service



To order fuel or to discuss your fuel needs call us at: 516-735-3835 (FUEL).

MNS Fuel Diesel Service

We happily accept Visa / Mastercard / Discover and American Express card payments.

Prices as low as $ 2.449 / Gallon

Save 20 ¢ / Gallon when you buy from us!

Our Premium Heating Oil entitles you to a 20 ¢ per gallon NY State tax credit!

Along with our already low prices you can save a lot of money by using us for your fuel needs all year long.