MNS Fuel Electric Service

MnS Fuel and ProtoStar Energy are agents for Starion Energy.  There is no cost to switch your supplier from your current Utility Company, and your billing and emergency services stays with the Utility Company.  Honestly you would have no idea that you switched your supplier other than your bills would be reduced.

Another reason to switch is not only the savings on your supply side, but if you use just the Utility Company they tax the entire bill.  When you have an independent supplier your bill is taxed on the delivery side and the supply side is tax exempt.

We chose Starion due to their excellent reputation with their customers, and they have the best prices available compared to other suppliers.

Our focus for Electric is to acquire as many customers as possible, saving them as much as they possibly can while providing excellent customer service.

There Are 2 Options To Choose From With Starion:

Price Protection Plan
Every business has a budget for their electricity bills. For those who need to know what your monthly rate will be, this plan is for you. This can protect you from the sudden rate changes in the electricity market, allowing you to lock in a fixed electricity rate that won't increase, even if the market does.

Market Rate Plan
The Market Rate Plan allows you to take advantage of lower rates without the long-term commitment. With this plan, your price will change with the market each month. This gives you the flexibility to take advantage of drops in the market, and you can convert to the Price Protection Plan at any time.

Reasons to Switch Today:

  • Starion is a trusted energy provider
  • Their rates are competitive
  • Switching only takes a few minutes
  • There's no cost to switch or appointment to make
  • There's no disruption to your service
  • You save on the supply side in price as well as taxes

Use Any Option Below Today to Get Started:
Talk to Mike or Irene at (631) 467-8100 or (631) 467-4777 or Simply Fax Your Bill to (631) 467-4013 and we'll do the rest.

Sign Up Yourself on The Starion Website, Please Click on (Referral) and Enter ProtoStar Energy:

You can also sign up yourself on the Starion website:
MNS Fuel Electric Service

Prices as low as $ 2.209 / Gallon

Save 20 ¢ / Gallon when you buy from us!

Our Premium Heating Oil entitles you to a 20 ¢ per gallon NY State tax credit!

Along with our already low prices you can save a lot of money by using us for your fuel needs all year long.